Why is Insurance Required?

Every exhibitor contract requires the exhibitor or vendor to have exhibitor insurance for the trade show, exhibition or event they are attending. The exhibitor is typically required to carry a minimum of $1,000,000 of general liability insurance for the days of the event and name the event producer as an additional insured. This information can be found on the back of the contract in the insurance section.

An exhibitor signs an exhibitor contract and agrees to not only carry the exhibitor insurance required but also to hold the event producer harmless. The required insurance is to protect both the exhibitor and the event producer for claims that arise due to the exhibitors’ actions or products. The exhibitor is responsible for this actions and products whether or not they purchase exhibitor insurance.

While many exhibitors simply pass out information in their booths, other exhibitors offer free samples of their products, sell products, demonstrate products on people attending the events, or maybe even do some type of performance. Exhibitors often build large and complicated displays that could collapse or fall on other exhibitors. Exhibitors may bring dangerous equipment or animals into their booths.

In addition, some exhibitors are from foreign a country, which makes it almost impossible to have any legal ramifications against them. How do you sue a company in China that insured a guest at an event? It is very difficult.

Please believe me when I say accidents do happen at events. People slip and fall. People are hurt by products or have allergic reactions. Displays regularly fall damaging other exhibitors property and occasionally hurting someone. The best business practice is for everyone who attends an event to be responsible for their own acts and products by having insurance in place to handle the common claims that arise.

Event producers are required by venue contracts to carry insurance to protect the venue, the event attendees, the exhibitors and anyone else that could possibly be injured at an event. Event producers are responsible for their actions and have insurance for claims that are their responsibility.

Exhibitors should be responsible for their actions. As a result, exhibitors are required to provide a certificate of insurance to the event producer to verify they have the required insurance. This is or may be called trade show exhibitor insurance, vendor insurance, exhibitor insurance, exhibitor liability insurance, general liability insurance or a certificate of insurance.

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