Music Festivals

Whether you’re hosting or producing a music festival, or you’re on the lineup to perform at one, you need to make sure yourself, your equipment and your audience is protected with exhibitor insurance. Music festivals and concerts are filled with fun and entertainment, but they’re also filled with thousands of people and expensive equipment that makes the perfect situation for something to go awry.

Why is Insurance Coverage Important?

Insurance coverage from Insurance4Exhibitors covers important liability protection for the performer or event producer for liability claims that arise from their performance or operation at music festivals and shows.

Benefits of exhibitor insurance from Insurance4Exhibitors include:

  • Instant coverage

  • Affordable cost

  • Online access to certificates

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Music Festivals & Shows

Below we’ve listed some upcoming music festivals that are of the most well known in the country. Now is the time to find more events to attend, and while you’re at it, be sure to purchase exhibitor insurance from Insurance4Exhibitors!

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