Horse Shows

Horse shows and other equestrian events are huge productions that require a lot of setup and planning. Perhaps the most important step in the planning process is acquiring exhibitor insurance to cover potential damage and liability to your event and/or your property.

Why is Insurance Coverage Important?

As someone who is hosting an equestrian event at your own farm or other type of property, you need to make sure that you’re covered against potential damage so that you can recuperate after an event. In addition, you could be held responsible for other events that transpire during setup and teardown, before and after the show itself.

If you’re participating in a horse show, you also need protection against liability claims because anything could happen at these events. Protect yourself against the unexpected at equestrian events with exhibitor insurance!

Benefits of exhibitor insurance from Insurance4Exhibitors include:

  • Instant coverage

  • Affordable cost

  • Online access to certificates

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Horse Shows

Below we’ve listed some upcoming horse shows and equestrian events that are of the most well known in the country. Be sure to purchase exhibitor insurance from Insurance4Exhibitors before your next show!

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