Food Events

As a food vendor or caterer, you’re making a living from the events you attend—from farmers markets and food truck events to cook-offs and catering events, and so much more. By now you know that even the most skilled vendors and caterers encounter mishaps and emergencies at these events, so be sure to protect yourself against the unexpected with Insurance4Exhibitors!

Insurance4Exhibitors can offer vendor insurance for the following:

  • Caterers

  • Concessionaires

  • Food Trucks/Trailers

  • Farmers Market Vendors

  • Food Cart Vendors

  • Commercial Kitchen Renters

Why is Insurance Coverage Important?

You’ve worked hard to establish yourself and your business, whether you run a food truck, frequent farmers markets or run a catering company. Should something happen to yourself, your customers or your equipment, insurance makes it possible to recuperate and and keep your business running smoothly.

Benefits of exhibitor insurance from Insurance4Exhibitors include:

  • Instant coverage

  • Affordable cost

  • Online access to certificates

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Food Events

Below we’ve listed some upcoming food events that are of the most well known both locally and across the nation. Now is the time to find more places to sell and show off your cooking talent, and while you’re at it, be sure to purchase vendor insurance from Insurance4Exhibitors!

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