Frequently Asked Questions
If a concern of yours is not listed here, feel free to contact us.
How soon does coverage start? When will we receive proof of coverage?
Coverage can be bound within 24-48 hours after we receive a completed enrollment form and the appropriate premium. Please allow adequate time for us to process your enrollment form and issue certificates.
When should we make our coverage effective?
The effective date is the date you need your insurance to start. This should be the first day you will attend the event or your first move in day.
Can I apply for coverage over the phone?
Yes you can apply over the phone, but a $10 service fee will apply.
What is a general aggregate?
The general aggregate is the maximum amount to be paid out in any policy period for all losses. Our policy has a $1,000,000 general aggregate. We can increase the the general aggregate to $2,000,000 typically for $10-$15.
I have been asked to add an additional insured to my policy. What does this mean?
An additional insured is an entity which has an insurable interest for claims arising out of your negligence as the named insured. Such possible entities are the event host or venue. By providing an entity additional insured status, they are now entitled to defense and indemnity (if policy limits have not been exhausted) under your policy with no responsibility for premium payments. You may request an additional on your application. Please remember to provide the complete name, address and relationship to you. Additional insured requests must be made in writing.
Will we receive a policy after submitting the enrollment form?
You will receive a certificate of insurance as proof of coverage. Coverage is offered through a Risk Purchasing Group (PG). The PG receives a master policy from the company. Submission of this enrollment form confirms your desire to receive coverage through the PG. Each member receives their own certificate of insurance as their evidence of coverage. The limits of insurance apply individually to each insured member organization. There are no shared limits of liability with any other members. A copy of the PG master policy can be requested in writing to: Insurance4Exhibitors, Inc., 30285 Bruce Industrial Parkway, Unit B, Solon, OH 44139.
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