Why Artists Need Exhibitor Insurance

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As an artist who has transitioned to selling your wares, you probably understand that to be a success when it comes to business, sometimes it takes planning for the unexpected. Making sure you have the right vendor insurance coverage is one of those boxes you need to check for peace of mind and financial protection.

You’ve planned your booth and you know what you want to exhibit, but have you met the requirement for vendors insurance? We can help you.

Why Exhibitor Insurance is a Must

Whether you’re exhibiting your work at a gallery, a local art show or an art festival, the right kind of exhibitor insurance can protect you against lawsuits. Wobbly displays, malfunctions, slips, allergic reactions—these are all events that you could personally be liable for at the event.

With exhibitor insurance protecting you, however, you’ll be less vulnerable against bodily injury and property damage claims—but let our team discuss the details with you or learn more about coverage by beginning the process and requesting a quote.

It’s in the Contract

If the above reasons to make sure you are covered with exhibitor insurance isn’t enough, there is one more important reason to make sure you are covered before you open up your booth and start showcasing your art. You’ve most likely signed a contract that requires it.

Exhibitor contracts are the norm, and that means that in all of that fine print, you’ve likely agreed to purchase exhibitor insurance. This is a good thing for you, because the required insurance protects both you and the event producer against any claims that arise because of the exhibitor’s (your) actions or products.

Because the contract states that you’ll purchase insurance, and also hold the event producer harmless, you are now responsible financially for claims. Keep yourself and all of your work protected by making sure you’re covered.

Let’s Get You Covered!

The good news is that buying exhibitor insurance is a fast and easy process with our team. Get a quote and start the process. You can be covered in as little as one to two days from when you complete the application process. Click the “Quote” button, and let’s get started!