Planning Ahead to Stock Your Event Booth

craft fair table

The holiday season is officially here, and with it, you have even more opportunities to connect with shoppers who are ready to buy—whether it’s at craft shows, flea markets, or farmers markets. So when it comes to deciding how much stock to bring along to your event, what’s a vendor to do? Take a look at the following tips as you think about how much to bring and how to make it look amazing on display.

Create an Easily Configurable Display

Creating an easily configurable and stackable display will help you adjust for demand and still look good at the end of the day. Think about it—you definitely don’t want to hide any of your stock under the table.

Showing off as much stock as possible and making some great sales is why you’re here! That’s why adding some shelves, cubes, or other removable display pieces on your table is the right move. If your stock starts to get sparse on a shelf, rearrange your merch mid-day to keep the visual appeal strong.

Rehearse and Iron Out the Kinks

You may think you’ve got a good visual about how your display will look, but set everything up and see how it looks in real life. So many vendors regret skipping this step because on the day of, you may be pulled in more directions than you think.

Setting up your table beforehand will help you decide how much stock to bring to your trade show and how to make it look visually stunning. Set up your inventory in a few different ways to find the “sweet spot” in the amount of merchandise you’ll put out.

Research Your Audience

If you’re not overly familiar with the trade show atmosphere, do the due diligence to research the city it’s in and the venue. Of course, taking into consideration the seasonal aspects of when the trade show is happening should also help you pick the best material to display.

If applicable, go to the Facebook or Eventbrite page for the event and scope out how many people will be there. This should help you roughly calculate how much potential stock you could run through during the event.

Not every single person will purchase an item, but some will buy multiple. The last thing you want is to get halfway through the event and be completely out of products. However, if you bring all the stock you have available and sell out, that should be considered a big win!

Protect Your Business

Putting in a bit of extra planning beforehand can help you out on the big day. And when you’re thinking about all of that stock, make sure you protect your business with the right vendor insurance. Not only is it a smart business move, but it is also most likely written in your contract. Don’t worry though, finding the right insurance for the trade show is easy when you work with us. Get the process started by getting a quote—we are here to help!