Why Artists Need Exhibitor Insurance

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As an artist who has transitioned to selling your wares, you probably understand that to be a success when it comes to business, sometimes it takes planning for the unexpected. Making sure you have the right vendor insurance coverage is one of those boxes you need to check for peace of mind and financial protection. […]


Why Vendor Insurance Is Important to Crafters

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When getting ready for a flea market or craft fair, small-scale crafters sometimes wonder, “Do I really need vendor insurance?” And the answer is always yes! Whether you are a part-time crafter or you oversee a team to ensure your artisan items are created with quality craftsmanship, vendor insurance is a must to protect you […]


How to Choose Which Events to Exhibit At

exhibitor badge at trade show

If you are focusing on trade shows to connect with potential leads or connect with more customers—that’s a smart move. According to the American Marketing Association, trade shows are still a very effective way to improve brand awareness. In fact, the research shows that 75% of those surveyed revealed that in-person events can be more […]


Top 4 Mistakes Exhibitors Make

Trade show exhibitor at booth

You’re planning for an upcoming trade show, and sometimes there’s no better teacher than the mistakes of the past. We hope these top 4 trade show mistakes can help you as you plan ahead to avoid some of the most common pitfalls—and instead develop an incredibly successful trade show booth you can be proud of […]


How to Close a Sale at Your Next Trade Show

Closing a deal with a handshake

It’s always good to review and reassess your standard “elevator pitch”. As your business grows or evolves, you may discover that your customers are looking for something a little different than what your team thinks they do. Not quite sure where to get started? Keep reading for some great tips to close a solid sale […]


Reaching Customers After the Show

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After the dust settles from the whirlwind of activity surrounding your trade show, the real connection can begin! People love trade shows, but to make it really worth the effort, your team needs to nurture all of those fresh leads. Send out Thoughtfully Engaging Email Drips Through a series of email “drips”, you can continue […]


Tips for a Festive & Magical Holiday Event

Holiday tradeshow booth

The holidays are a prime time to enjoy the all of the benefits that a trade show can bring your business—people are ready to spend. Whether your product or service directly relates to the holidays, or you’re planning your booth for some time in late November through early January, here are five festive ways to […]


5 Tips to Prepare for an Outrageously Successful Trade Show Event

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A trade show is an incredible opportunity to connect with current and potential customers. The booth design, hand-outs, and interactions you have the day of the event are all important to creating success. Keep the following five things in mind for an outrageously successful event that converts visitors to customers. 1. Make Sure You Have […]


Building Up the Buzz Before an Event

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A tradeshow or event is the perfect playing field for making new connections and getting the word out about your product or service. Learn how to reach new audiences and make the most of trade show advertising potential with some helpful marketing tips… Advertise on the Google Display Network The GDN (Google Display Network) allows […]


Cracking Creativity Blocks

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You can bring your next trade show display to the next level if you work with your creative flow and not against it. Here are some tips you and your team can use to keep fresh ideas coming in and get inspired for your next exhibit, trade show, or event. Start earlier than you think […]