Creative Ways to Market Yourself as a Vendor

Girl sending Facebook messages on phone

As if you didn’t know it already, summer is one of the busiest, most bustling times of year when it comes to trade shows, and that means that coming up with creative ways to market yourself as a vendor is really important.

The following tips will help you market yourself and your products and keep things memorable and creative along the way.

Connect with all of your current contacts in a fun way

Do you have email contacts? A social media or blog following? Addresses and phone numbers? Take inventory of what you have and start using all of it to your advantage—don’t be shy! Keep messages simple and direct, and follow up with a personalized message telling them you hope to catch them at the event.

Include fun items in your outreach including product teasers or let them know about giveaways or contests that you will be offering at your booth. Keep it expressive and make it worth their while to come out and see you.

Make sure your branding stands out from the crowd and stays consistent

Whether you create flyers, posters, invitation, mailers, emails, or social media events, make sure your branding stays consistent. Attach images that make people want to stop by and check out what you’ve got at your booth. Keep the tone warm and fun, and most of all, make them think they are missing out if they don’t come see your amazing booth.

Bold colors and patterns can be memorable and attention-getting—so challenge yourself to think of a fun theme for your booth to strengthen your appeal and get people energized.

Whether or not you include pictures of yourself, your staff or stock imagery for all of your posts, emails, and printed materials, opt for smiling faces with eyes at the camera—human faces have been shown time and again to engage people more than anything else.

Make sure your creativity—and your business—is protected with the right exhibitor insurance coverage

Whether you’re at a B2B trade show, expo, festival, a convention, or even participating in a seasonal show at a mall, you need to make sure your business is protected—it’s not only best practice, it’s probably written in your contract as a requirement to participate as a vendor.

But don’t let the thought of choosing exhibitor insurance put a damper on your creative spirit, give us a call or get started with our online quote tool and we can find the right coverage for your needs.