All There Is to Know About Liability

definition of liability - coverage for exhibitors

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why do I need liability insurance?”—especially as it applies to coverage for your booth at an upcoming trade show—you’re in the right place. Many smaller businesses aren’t aware that they need coverage or understand how it works, so it comes as a surprise when they read the fine print on their vendor agreement and see that liability insurance is required to participate in the trade show.

Why Do I Need Liability Protection?

The producer of the trade show event is required to have insurance for their premises and liability insurance protection that covers adverse events they are responsible for, but your business and your peace of mind need the protection of liability insurance, too.

You need the protection of liability insurance because there are many things that could go wrong. A slip and fall at your booth, malfunctioning equipment, animal interactions, allergy or injury from the product itself, or other accidents that happen as potentially hundreds of people interact with your booth.

Liability insurance, otherwise known as exhibitor insurance, protects you and your hard-earned business assets from a whole range of legal disputes that could come from handing out your product to visitors, demonstrating your product, or as visitors interact with your booth in any way.

An Important Asset for Your Business

So while the requirement of exhibitor insurance may seem like just one more box to check, it’s actually a very important asset for your business. We can’t always foresee or prevent accidents, but insurance protects all of your hard work and makes sure you don’t have unnecessary risk when it comes to medical bills or large legal fees.

All of this may sound daunting but coverage doesn’t have to be—we can guide you through it and answer any questions. You now have a quick, go-to source to get the right coverage you need. Call our friendly team at Insurance 4 Exhibitors or request a quote and start an application today.