2020 Planning for Vendors & Exhibitors

Start planning for 2020

As the new year approaches, you should be considering ways to ramp up your business and make 2020 your best year yet. The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on what went well over the previous 12 months and how that will impact your upcoming plans. Here are three tips […]


How Vendors Can Utilize Social Media to Boost Event Attendance & Sales

Event planner making plans on laptop before the event

Events are one of the main ways that vendors attract new clients, increase sales, and make real connections with their communities. However, for some it can feel like the success of your sales is dependent upon the effort that the event organizers put in—which can be frustrating. Instead of relying only on the promotional efforts […]


Creative Booth Ideas for Fall Festival Season

Fall decor for expo booth

Fall is an excellent time for booth vendors to find festivals and trade shows to present at. In addition to the plethora of opportunities for vendors, it is also an excellent theme to tie into your booth to increase sales. Here are five ways you can incorporate fall into your booth, table or stand… Add […]


Safety Tips for Vendors and Exhibitors

Safety checklist

We deal with vendors and exhibitors from all over who attend all kinds of events. Something that is easy to overlook is safety. Different types of events present different challenges for sure, but there are some common tips that can make all the difference.  Industrial trade shows, craft festivals, or even the local farmers’ market […]


Why Exhibiting at Trade Shows is Important for Your Company

Exhibitor name tag for trade show

Have you been considering exhibiting at a trade show? Maybe you’re trying to give your company some exposure, maybe you’re trying to sell products, or maybe you’re looking to make new connections. There are so many reasons why trade shows can be beneficial to your company. We have seven for you! Brand exposure! First and […]


Tips for Staying Comfortable at Outdoor Events

Women shopping at outdoor vendor

The summer event season is in full swing now and chances are you’ve encountered some unexpected weather conditions. One thing we’ve learned working with vendors and exhibitors of all kinds, is that when you are comfortable, your booth performs better. Our clients have shared with us some tips that have kept them comfortable in all […]


Key Elements of a Trade Show Booth

trade show booths

Your business is attending a trade show and you want the exhibit booth to be perfect. Having all the needed essentials will have your business not only being noticed, but drawing in those potential customers. It’s important to remember that at a trade show you want to make a great first impression and you want […]


Five Times Exhibitors & Vendors Were Grateful They Had Insurance

ladies looking at crafts at a craft show

After planning your business it can be difficult to see potential risks and the need for food vendor insurance. You’ve made checklists, compared suppliers, talked to consultants, and implemented your vision. Ideally all you have left to do is sell your product. Yet, risk increases once you are operating and interacting with the public at […]


Do Food Vendors Need Insurance?

Women buying food from a food vendor

Many great ideas have been destroyed by lack of preparation. A single accident resulting in injury could be the end of your hard work and dream of running a successful food service venture. Don’t let your business fail before it starts. The Answer is Yes! Insurance is a necessity any time you are selling a […]