Your Checklist for the Days Leading Up to a Trade Show

Business woman making checklist for trade show preparation

The days are getting closer to your trade show, and your team is starting to bustle. Outside of the larger to-dos like making sure your booth design is set in stone and firming up travel plans with your team, keeping all of the little things in order can get hectic. We include a handy trade […]


Planning Ahead to Stock Your Event Booth

craft fair table

The holiday season is officially here, and with it, you have even more opportunities to connect with shoppers who are ready to buy—whether it’s at craft shows, flea markets, or farmers markets. So when it comes to deciding how much stock to bring along to your event, what’s a vendor to do? Take a look […]


What is a Waiver of Subrogation?

terms and conditions - waiver of subrogation

A waiver of subrogation can have a profound impact on your insurance coverage. Use the brief explanation below to gain perspective, but keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to review any questions you have about your policy with the professionals. We are happy to help you understand anything about your exhibitor insurance […]


Choosing Which Events to Exhibit At

Event calendar

Planning to exhibit at a trade show can be exciting and overwhelming all at once—especially for the small business owner. But like a lot of things in business, being in the right place at the right time can change your whole year, and that goes for trade shows and events, too. Read on to find […]


What to Hand Out at Trade Shows

Handing out samples at an event

Planning for an upcoming trade show event? If you’re looking for ideas on what to hand out at trade shows, then you’re likely in the early planning stages of your booth. Read on below and learn the dos and don’ts of trade show giveaways and become the coolest booth on the block. Flyers, Business Cards, […]


All There Is to Know About Liability

definition of liability - coverage for exhibitors

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why do I need liability insurance?”—especially as it applies to coverage for your booth at an upcoming trade show—you’re in the right place. Many smaller businesses aren’t aware that they need coverage or understand how it works, so it comes as a surprise when they read the fine print on their […]


Creative Ways to Market Yourself as a Vendor

Girl sending Facebook messages on phone

As if you didn’t know it already, summer is one of the busiest, most bustling times of year when it comes to trade shows, and that means that coming up with creative ways to market yourself as a vendor is really important. The following tips will help you market yourself and your products and keep […]


Summer Safety for Outdoor Vendors

Vendor booths set up at outdoor festival

It’s summer, and that can mean one of the busiest, most productive times of all for the vendor. Whether you’re following festivals with your food truck putting up a booth to showcase your wares at a local fair, or traveling to a business convention, you need to find ways to beat the heat and make […]


Why Artists Need Exhibitor Insurance

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As an artist who has transitioned to selling your wares, you probably understand that to be a success when it comes to business, sometimes it takes planning for the unexpected. Making sure you have the right vendor insurance coverage is one of those boxes you need to check for peace of mind and financial protection. […]


Why Vendor Insurance Is Important to Crafters

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When getting ready for a flea market or craft fair, small-scale crafters sometimes wonder, “Do I really need vendor insurance?” And the answer is always yes! Whether you are a part-time crafter or you oversee a team to ensure your artisan items are created with quality craftsmanship, vendor insurance is a must to protect you […]